Occult Rituals at Super Bowl 2013…

“When tempted no one should say God is tempting me for God can not be tempted by evil nor does he tempt anyone; but each one is tempted when by our own evil desires are we drawn away and enticed” James 1:13-14

“It is stunning, that in her interviews, Beyonce actually admit in her own words, how she feels possess by a spirit entering her. Listen carefully to what she is saying and compare it to what the Word of God says about demonic possessions. We must remember, that God’s Word is our only reliable source of truth about Satan & his demons.They’ re real! Don’t forget how our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to them, rebuked them & He bind them and cast them out. He wouldn’t have done that, if they didn’t exist.” by anonymous 


Elf on the Shelf? As Christian parents, why would some use a demonic diety such as this “cute” thing to control and terrorize their children into obedience in order to look forward to ushering in the chief demon of the season also known as “Santa Claus” ???” By Betty Covert Jesus

“You won’t find any reference to Santa in the Bible, but you will find him in most “Christian” homes and church dramas. Another thing of interest is this: Take the word SANTA, remove the “N” and place at the end…now you have what he really represents — SATAN.” By Jack Kirkland