Si-a dat demisia directoarea de la Barnevernet din Tromso, unde locuieste familia Nan

Asteptam cu nerabdare si demisiile conducatorilor Barnevernet din localitatea REDAL si districtul SOGN OG FJORDANE unde locuiesc familia Bodnariu si familia lui Ruth!! Asta in situatia in care au pic de onoare…..oricum viitorul lor nu va mai fi cum a fost.

Pozitiile lor sunt deja pierdute, si e numai chestiune de timp si de alegere intre demisie sau inlaturare.

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Directoarea de la barnevernet Tromso, Enhetsleder Elizabeth Kræmer Directoarea de la barnevernet Tromso, Enhetsleder Elizabeth Kræmer


Directoarea de la barnevernet din orasul Tromso, Enhetsleder Elizabeth Kræmer, si-a dat demisia în urma cu 2 saptamani impreuna cu alți angajati în urma neregulilor si acuzatiilor aduse protectiei copilului din Tromso. Kraemer are o noua functie, este acum consilier la Departamentul de Educație orașului si nu va mai lucra de loc cu protectia copilului. Directorul municipal, Kari Henriksen spune ca pierde un bun lider, dar intelege decizia demisiei. Impreuna cu ea si-au dat demisia si alti functionari.

Dupa multa critica- de notat- a fost un caz in care Protectia Copilului a inchis un caz prin telefon, dupa  o  convorbire cu mama. Din acea convorbire singulara, mama a fost diagnosticata cu probleme psihice. Problema nu este doar ca a fost diagnosticata intr-o convorbire telefonica si nu fata in fata, dar nici macar nu a fost diagnosticata de un psihiatru, ci…

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I have 6 years 7 months left until I can see my daughter.


This morning I received this message from Cecilie Bedsvaag, Oslo, Norway. Her story with Barnevernet is speechless and is another proof how this organization works and mostly, why is working that way. Interesting to know, the father of her daughter is also Romanian. Missing her daughter so much and wishing to have a picture with her (everyone said they look alike), she shot individual pictures to have one picture together…..really sad, no words to describe. Even the cat, aware that it can not fully replace a daughter, feels this sadness!!!

“In Norway the children have become property of the local leader of “Barnevernet” who can decide the child’s upbringing at her own discretion. If for some reason she does not like the parents, who can be a single mother, barnevernleder can simply remove the child from the mother under the pretext of “protecting ” the child. Children become virtual slaves and the parents are forced to submit to “barnevernet” like serfs. It is a very undignified existence. In my opinion, it is stupidity. The consequences for children are very serious. They are denied personal relations and direct contact with their parents, a right which is accorded them by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, article 9. Unfortunately, legal kidnapping of children will continue as long as the Norwegian government keep doling out money to so-called fosterparents. The foster business has become an alternative to living on welfare. It is very well paid, and a lower income family will catapult themselves into the upper middle classes by acquiring a fosterchild with “special needs”. We are talking big bucks here. “Special needs” are diagnosed by Barnevernets partners in arm, the psychologists and specialist health services. Children traumatized from being abruptly separated from their parents, are hauled in to be diagnosed on the basis of info from Barnevernet. The most popular diagnosis is reactive attachment disorder. Blame the parents! is the credo of barnevernet. Basically barnevernet is a big fraud tapping taxpayers money. Social workers with no skills are secured high paying jobs in the public sector until retirement. Unfortunately “barnevernleder” is free to go on until 75 years old. That is bad news for the children she has abducted. They will not see their parents until they reach 18 years old. I have 6 years 7 months left until I can see my daughter.”

The Norwegian Media is Reporting… and Spinning

Delight in Truth


There is no doubt that the population of Norway is now aware of the international fury against their Barnevernet (Norwegian CPS). Human rights activist Marius Reikeras posted this picture on his Facebook timeline and it is the front page of their Morgenbladet (Morning Page). The title says: “Childcare Conspiracy: In 19 countries people are now protesting against the Norwegian CPS.” Protest signs such as “Barnevernet Childhood Killer” have made it on the front page as well.

In the midst of the second wave of international protest across Europe (Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Arad, Suceava, etc) where many thousands have gathered to stand together with the Bodnariu family and other families unfairly destroyed by CPS, Norway is becoming increasingly isolated in the eye of international opinion.

That is why they are in full damage control. They are on their heels.

  1. The State financed media is calling the movement a conspiracy.  Really? 19 countries…

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