LASCO 10-0061 Delta Faucet 1/2 Female Pipe Thread by 3/8 Male Compression Brass Adapter, 2-Piece

How it can a family to work properly with TWO men or TWO women,  when even a toilet drain needs male AND female connectors????


“……….no scientific evidence has established a genetic cause for homosexuality or found a “gay gene.” There is no DNA or medical test to determine if a person is homosexual. Sexual orientation is a matter of self-affirmation and public declaration. “Gay” is a self-chosen identity……….”


“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;” Romans 1:26-28

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Southern Baptists Begin Same-Sex Marriage Dialogue With LGBT Community 

Two weeks ago, when media tried to accuse Brian Houston about change regarding homosexuality, Albert Mohler (the ninth president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky) was given as an example of how to approach the issue of homosexuality. It has happened just 14 days ago …. and today?
Unbelievable, unbelievable …..

“Southern Baptists took their first steps towards their eventual acceptance of same-sex marriage by meeting with members of the LGBT community at the  Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 2014 Conference in Nashville. While neither side relinquished their position, most in attendance agreed that a shift had indeed taken place……”

And Dr. Mohler answer?

“…………Mr. Mohler this week met with Matthew Vines, an openly gay Christian author who argues the Bible doesn’t prohibit lifelong same-sex marriage. Mr. Mohler wrote a response to Mr. Vines’ book, “God and the Gay Christian.”


“It was a gracious, honest conversation. I think all evangelical Christians are having to learn anew how to discuss these issues,” Mr. Mohler said.

The pair agreed to keep in touch over email, and alert each other if one ever felt wrongly portrayed by the other.

“This was an amazing event,” said Mr. Vines. “Not for the public sessions but for the private meetings. It’s not like anyone is suddenly pro-gay,” said Mr. Vines. But, he added, “it feels like a new era.”………… 


City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons……



The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

Among those slapped with a subpoena is Steve Riggle, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church. He was ordered to produce all speeches and sermons related to Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality and gender identity.

The mega-church pastor was also ordered to hand over “all communications with members of your congregation” regarding the non-discrimination law.

Now is the time for pastors and people of faith to take a stand.  We must rise up and reject this despicable strong-arm attack on religious liberty. We cannot allow ministers to be intimidated by government thugs.


A Shameful Day in Evangelical Christian Publishing

10:30AM EDT 4/17/2014 MICHAEL BROWN

“In 2012, a young man named Matthew Vines, who professes to be a “gay Christian,” released a video of his talk about the Bible and homosexuality, and it quickly went viral. His demeanor was engaging and his appeal to the Scriptures very serious, but for those who know the Word well, there was nothing in the least bit persuasive in his presentation. In fact, it underscored just how impossible it is to use the Bible to justify any form of homosexual acts or to sanctify intimate homosexual relationships.

There has also been a good amount of publicity over the last few months announcing the publication of Matthew’s book, God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships, which, through no intentional planning on my part or my publisher’s, is due to be released two weeks before my own book, Can You Be Gay and Christian? Responding With Love and Truth to Questions About Homosexuality. (I sincerely hope that readers of his book will take the time to read mine as well.)

But here is the disturbing news. The book is being published by Convergent Books, which is part of a publishing conglomerate that includes the much-respected evangelical publishing group WaterBrook Multnomah…… ,…The WaterBrook Multnomah group publishes books by authors like John Piper, Chuck Swindoll, Ravi Zacharias, David Jeremiah, Randy Alcorn, David Platt and Bill Gothard, and now its sister publisher is releasing a purported evangelical book defending homosexuality? “………



Manipulation of Consciousness – Made by Walt Disney…..

We got to see and upon this …. the last Sunday (January 26th, 2014) episode (actually the second to last in the series) of the “Good Luck Charlie” introduced us for the first time in the history of children’s shows a homosexual couple …. TWO MOMS to one of Charlie’s preschool pals.


The novelty was announced last year in June ( ) and well received by Miley Cyrus, a former Disney icon( “I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation. They control so much of what kids think!”)….but NO ONE did anything serious to stop such an abomination.

Right BEFORE AIRING  the show, anti-gay group One Million Moms stated: “Just because something may be legal or because some are choosing a lifestyle doesn’t make it morally correct. Disney should stick to entertaining instead of pushing an agenda. Disney decided to be politically correct versus providing family-friendly programming… Conservative families need to urge Disney to exclude confusing topics that children are far too young to comprehend.”….. but I think it ONLY for facade.

The Walt Disney reaction for some criticism was: “This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors. Like all Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Disney Channel tested the waters last year with its on-air social outreach campaign “Make Your Mark.” In one segment, a teen with two moms was featured, a move that was called a “big step forward” by GLAAD.

Personally, I have not heard this phrase (“a big step…..”) from landing on the moon.

Really???? Is so big step…..?

What will Follows…? 




“And I looked, and behold, a white horse! And its rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer.” Rev. 6:2

 It’s all around us, from every small town in America to the big City lights of the Metropolis, this spirit of perversion is sweeping the United States of America and the rest of the world like a dark plague – and a plague it is. Who could have thought that within the span of a mere 100 years we would go from a nation of Christian values, morals and principles, to literally delve into a nation full of madness and spiritual idolatry. And at the center of this moral dilemma is something which almost no one saw coming – save the Holy Spirit thru his prophets. 

There are many signs of the coming end of the age, from wars…

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