“I’m proud to be a child of God”

When Tim Tebow starting to wear “John 3:16” under his eyes, in a few days span the Google was search by 92 MILLION for “John 3:16″…….now, another top athlete share his Faith in Jesus without shame!!!!

I encourage everyone to support the evangelism by athletes……how many Preachers or Pastors can challenge the world with 92 millions questions about Bible? …..look like the preacher athletes did, without pulpit, just by example!!!! “Preach every day, in any situation, and when is need, use also the words.”

God bless them!!!!!

Is not the time now…..not yet!!!

“The prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will restore him to health…..” James 5:15

I still keep in memory the experience from the past year when, in March, God touched me and healed me. It’s only been 15 months since then …….  http://cornelilioi.com/2014/03/13/god-healed-me-yesterday/  …..and never thought I will need again, so soon, one miracle in my life! 

Everything started last Wednesday in the middle of the night…just I fell asleep and I woke up around 11:30 pm with one strange abdominal and chest pain accompanied by strong nausea and sweating that came over me in waves….and came again, and again, and again. 

At 5:30 am, my condition becoming worse and, thinking of possibility of heart attack, my wife called 911. The doctors came in 5-6 minutes (thanks City of Phoenix Fire Department) and after the tests they conclude that there is nothing wrong with my heart, which actually look very strong. After they left, we decided to go at hospital and my wife take me at emergency room, where we arrive just before 7:00 am. 

From this moment a new chapter in my life unfolded.

First tests confirmed the result of Fire Department doctors….but blood test shows “something” does not look as it should…after several analysis and tests (including CT, EKG, ultrasound, CBC, PT/INR and others 16 “medical definition” tests, labs and imaging), at 10:00 am,doctors decided my hospitalization. I was in pain but we think that they will do something and I’ll go home, not to be hospitalized.

Waiting to be moved in the room prepared for me, appears warning signs that something is wrong ….. first, another doctor comes to me, and it is recommended “doctor in charge with the IC unit” and tell me that everything is ready “if necessary”. The second one: I’m announced that I am not allowed to eat and drink anything in the event of surgery. Surgery???…. what kind surgery?

They moved me in my room and they put me on the IV and antibiotics. In the next 36 hours I experienced what it means to be in an American hospital. The truth is that I have not been hospitalized from the army, 33 years ago, and then in Romania.

Lab test were done every 4 hours, antibiotics after antibiotics poured in my blood around the clock, still no food and no drinks, and, like that was missing from perfect storm, in the evening I am visited by surgeon and announced that everything is ready, “just in case”….

I understand then that things are serious…..more serious than I believe at the beginning…..

My lovely wife, who stayed with me during the whole period in hospital, called our kids to tell them about my situation and to pray. We leave in Phoenix but our kids were, two in North Carolina and two in Australia.

I text to my best friends, Pastors in USA, Romania, Canada…..

One interesting thing that I did not found out until very late: a sister in law talked to my wife and said, my brother Mike had a dream about me a week ago, where I was in hospital with a diagnosis that has worried the entire family. 

After 40 hours, without knowing anything about my brother’s dream yet, I learned the diagnosis: Lactic Acidosis, a very dangerous infection in the blood, with a deadly rate of 50% in the cases, infection caused by the side effect of a drug for diabetes………

…..I learned something else: God continue to love and heal!!!……He showed me what could happen, but He showed me also that prayers has Power!!!

Thank you wholeheartedly to my Wife, Coca, for the care in those days, day and night next to me; thank you to my Children and to the extraordinary words of encouragement sent me; thank you all my Friends Pastors who prayed for me and my family; thank you to all who visited me at the hospital and to all who prayed from any place around the word; thank you for the professionalism of all doctors involved in my case and all medical staff from Banner Thunderbird Hospital…….

……but most important, Thank you God!!! Without His Respond, everything would have been futile! 

I was treated and surrounded with Love, with Dignity, with Appreciation, but without Him would not be the day after…..!!!

I love God with all my heart and I know how He loves me…I want to be in His presence and I know He wants the same…..

I love my family like nothing else on earth… but I know how He loves my family to!….and based on this love, He postponed our meeting whispering to me: is not the time now…..not yet!!! 


Each of us has etched in our minds a very personal picture of where we want to be at age 30, 40, 50, 60. Our images are drawn with the greatest of expectations. However, sometimes our plans and expectations fall short of picture perfect. How do we construct and adopt realistic, yet GREAT, expectations? 

In this series, we’ll take an in-depth look at expectations in marriage, friendships, the marketplace, and our communities.

1). Great Expectations: MARRIAGE

Dr. Don Wilson  on 03 November 2013

Watch Here: Download Now

2). Great Expectations: FRIENDSHIP

Dr. Mark Moore on 10 November 2013

Watch Here: Download Now

Pastorul Florin Ianovici la Marginea, 23 Februarie 2013

I am (are you) ready to see Jesus?

11 minutes to check yourself HOW truly you love Jesus…..11 minutes to prove yourself YOU ARE who you say you are….11 MINUTES TO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR COMING DAYS….GOD, PLEASE HELP US TO UNDERSTAND WHERE WE ARE!!!

Why the Ark could not be built in America…


In the year 2013, the Lord came unto Noah, Who was now living in America and said:
“Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me.”
“Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans.”

He gave Noah the blueprints, saying:
“You have 6 months to build theArk before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.”
Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard – but no Ark.”Noah!,” He roared, “I’m about to start the rain! Where is the Ark?”

“Forgive me, Lord,” begged Noah, “but things have changed.”
“I needed a Building Permit.”
“I’ve been arguing with the Boat Inspector about the need for a sprinkler system.”

“My homeowners association claim that I’ve violated the
Neighborhood by-laws by building the Ark in my back yard and exceeding the height limitations. We had to go to the local Planning Committee for a decision.”

“Then the City Council and the Electricity Company demanded a shed load of money for the future costs of moving power lines and other overhead obstructions, to clear the passage for the Ark’s move to the sea. I told them that the sea would be coming to us, but they would hear none of it.”

“Getting the wood was another problem. There’s a ban on cutting local trees in order to save the Greater Spotted Barn Owl.”
“I tried to convince the environmentalists that I needed the wood to save the owls – but no go!”

“When I started gathering the animals, PETA took me to court. They insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will. They argued the accommodations were too restrictive and
it was cruel and inhumane to put so many animals in a confined space.”

“Then the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that I couldn’t build the Ark until they’d conducted an environmental impact study on Your proposed flood.”

“I’m still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I’m supposed to hire for my building crew.”

“The Immigration Dept. Is checking the visa status of most of the people who want to work.”
“The labor unions say I can’t use my sons. They insist I have to hire only union workers with ark-building experience.”

“To make matters worse, the IRS seized all my assets, claiming I’m trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species.”
“So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 10 years for me to finish this ark.”

“Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine and a rainbow stretched across the sky.”

Noah looked up in wonder and asked, “You mean you’re not going to destroy the world?”

“No,” said the Lord. ” The Government beat me to it.”

Write by Rick Wainright 


Worship is not a matter of feelings….

Write by Douglas Small on February 20, 2013

Recently, in a meeting of prayer leaders, I began to share regarding our ‘familiarity’ with God, the use of intimate language without any reference to God’s ‘otherness’ – and I will never forget the look of shock that registered on faces. It was as if I was saying something they had never heard before. In fact, as I persisted with the idea of approaching a God who was ‘past finding out’ it became clear that I was taking some of them into new territory.

Frankly, we have become too familiar with God. Intimacy is in; reverence is out. Listen to the praise music. It is almost completely devoid terms that describe God’s transcendence. The wonderful and rich theology of the old hymns is rarely heard, at least in Pentecostal churches. It is forty-minutes of ‘everybody on your feet, and put your hands together for Jesus.’ It is not a worship service, but a ‘pep rally.’ YHWH is now presented as ‘daddy’ God; and Jesus as our buddy – or lover, who is greeted with a ‘sloppy wet kiss.’ Ron Auch, a prayer leader, who I dare not impugn with this article, noted in a conversation, that the level of intimate language in praise music, language which we should note as, at least in some cases, inappropriate or border-line so, is a manifestation of people who are attempting to do publically, what is only appropriate privately. Public worship is attempting to compensate for the almost total lack of a private regular prayer life. Prayer does involve loving God and letting Him love us; there is a level of inexpressible intimacy in our relationship with God. Some things appropriate in private prayer and worship, are not necessarily appropriate in public worship. Bottom line – there must be a ‘private’ component to ‘public’ worship and prayer. Together, we sing declaratively, we affirm our theology, we offer praise at a different level. Privately, God deals with us in ways that break our hearts; or cause us to exult in passionate personal worship.

We now have a one-dimensional and almost exclusively emotional connection with God reflected in only in our public worship and prayer; and it is far too shallow. Worship must involve the heart and the head, as should prayer. Worship is not a matter of our feelings; it rises out of Scripture, and lays hold of God’s action in history. What is happening now in the praise and worship movement is promoting a less than reverent view of God. It is promulgating cheap grace. Few take off their shoes and tip-toe. We lift up unclean hands. We sing through unsanctified lips. We rush into a house of worship without the preparation of hearts and minds, as if we running by Grandpas house on the way to the lake, with little or no lifestyle impact. We kiss God, tell Him we love Him, thank Him for still being around, and rush off to the important matters in our life. Church services assure us by songs and sermons that all is well – God loves us, no matter how unfaithful and naughty we have been. Truth is dead; love has smothered it. Even Santa Claus keeps a list; but not the modern God. He has chronic amnesia, to our benefit. But does He?

This superficial, single-dimension of God is deadly. It is the essence of worldliness. It is a religious drug to which we are now culturally addicted; and it keeps us from seeing a whole God – one who is both love and truth, and utterly holy; and therefore we are prevented from understanding the full picture of justification and sanctification; of consecration and sacrificial service. So we have brushes with the Spirit, rather than transforming encounters in the Spirit, patterned on the Bible. We are numbed with the superficial lyrics and feel-good praise music. It actually prevents us from feeling real conviction and being motivated to get well spiritually. On this drug of superficial and syrupy worship, the Church is starving and dying; too anemic to do battle; and yet falsely feeling too well to get help.


din volumul “Slujitorul adevarat, Slujitorul care schimba lumea”

Efeseni 6:12: “Caci noi n-avem de luptat impotriva carnii si sangelui, ci impotriva capeteniilor, impotriva domniilor, impotriva stapanitorilor intunericului acestui veac, impotriva duhurilor rautatii care sunt in locurile ceresti.”

     Noi, ca si slujitori ai Domnului, suntem in razboi. De aceea trebuie sa fim echipati ca pentru razboi.

     1 Pentru 5:8: “Fiti treji, si vegheati! Pentru ca potrivnicul vostru, diavolul, da tarcoale ca un leu care racneste si cauta pe cine sa inghita.”

     Cred ca ati observat din acest pasaj biblic ca Satana nu intentioneaza sa ia prizioneri ci sa distruga, sa devoreze credinciosii Domnului. Strategia lui in acest razboi este de a forma cat mai multe “intarituri” in viata credinciosului, mai ales in viata slujitorilor lui Dumnezeu, spre a le folosi ca rampa de lansare a atacurilor impotriva oamenilor. Aceste “intarituri” pot fi un pacat sau o conditie premergatoare pacatului, cum ar fi: descurajarea, indoiala, mania, amaraciunea, dorinta de revansa, flirtarea cu pacatul, patima rea, cautarea de placeri si lacomia.

     Multi oameni mi-au relevat in marturisirile lor tactica celui rau. De multe ori, curiozitatea chiar “omoara pisica” (“Curiozitatea a ucis pisica” – este un proverb american folosit pentru a avertiza despre pericolul experientelor fara motiv…..Nota traducatorului). Sa luam ca exemplu pornografia. Cineva poate gandi, ce stricaciune, ce prejudiciu poate produce o flirtare usoara cu pornografia? Prin urmare, ei incearca sa strecoare o privire curioasa vizitand pe internet o pagina de orientare pornografica. Primul pas e mai greu si dupa aceea se trezesc saracii oameni ca sunt dependenti de ea. Pornografia este unul din pacatele de moarte tocmai pentru ca nu pare mare lucru la suprafata. Una din denominatiunile mari au trimis un chestionar tuturor slujitorilor sai si i-au rugat sa raspunda in mod anonim. Din toti care au raspuns 65 de procente au admis ca pornografia a jucat un anumit rol in viata lor.

      Da, diavolul foloseste ispite ce par usoare sa insele vigilenta slujitorilor lui Dumnezeu, pacalindu-i sa creada ca nu fac nimic rau, daunator. Insa pasul urmator este decaderea slujitorului in mod vertiginous.

     Un alt exemplu des intalnit: sentimentul de furie, de amaraciune ori de dorinta de revansa pentru ceva ce s-a intamplat gresit sau numai asa ai perceput tu. La prima vedere ai putea sa te simti indreptatit dar adapostirea acestor sentimente pot provoca in viata ta o deteriorare, pot crea un suflet mahnit. Intretinand mania si amaraciunea poti ajunge ca tu sa comiti nedreptati. Stii ca poti fi drept uneori dar in acelasi timp sa fii si gresit?

     O nedreptate comisa impotriva ta nu justifica o alta nedreptate comisa de tine. Pavel ne spune: “Caci armele cu care ne luptam noi, nu sunt supuse firii pamantesti, ci sunt puternice, intarite de Dumnezeu ca sa surpe intariturile.” (2 Corinteni 10:4). Daca vom folosi arme firesti vom putea culege roadele a ceea ce o astfel de arma poate aduce. Dar daca vom folosi armele lui Dumnezeu vom culege roadele folosirii lor de la Dumnezeu.

     Satana foloseste uneori un prieten nevinovat sau un membru al familiei ca sa alimenteze aceste autocompatimiri.

     Prin aceste afirmatii simtamintele tale sunt deformate si vezi musuroiul unei cartite ca pe un deal.

     Ahitofel a fost sfatuitorul lui David, dar dupa pacatul lui David cu Batseba, nepoata sa, nu l-a mai iertat pe David in inima lui. Amarat, el se uneste cu Absalom in incercarea de a-l inlatura pe David de pe tron. David se pocaieste de pacatul sau (citeste Psalmul 51, o extraordinara rugaciune de pocainta) iar Dumnezeu iertandu-l, ii promite scaunul de domnie al Israelului pe vecie. Ce face Ahitofel? Nevinovat de pacatul lui David, totusi nu reuseste niciodata sa treaca peste ‘’tradarea’’ lui David si in cele din urma se sinucide.

     Din nou, poti fi drept dar sa sfarsesti gresit. Tu poti lasa, prin neveghere, ca pacatul cuiva sa se intoarca spre tine si sa te distruga.

     Daca esti ranit sau amarat impotriva cuiva, chiar avand dreptate dar neputand sa-l ierti, trebuie sa lucrezi neaparat la aceasta decizie de iertare. Iertarea nu este un sentiment, este o optiune, o alegere. Apoi Duhul Sfant in tine te va ajuta ce decizie sa faci.

     Fiecare “intaritura” a Satanei va slabi fundatia experientelor tale cu Dumnezeu si va impiedica partasia ta si relatia ta cu Dumnezeu. Cum trebuie de preintampinat aceste strategii ale celui rau? Cum ne vom lupta in acest razboi spiritual?

     In primul rand, ocoleste, evita ispitele. Nu-i oferi celui rau o tinta ca el trage. Isus a accentuat evitarea ispitelor in Rugaciunea Domneasca. El a spus: “…si nu ne duce in ispita, ci izbaveste-ne de cel rau…” (Matei 6:13). Deasemenea, El ne porunceste “Feriti-va de orice se pare rau” (! Tesaloniceni 5:22).

     Foarte putini credinciosi in mod intentionat fac lucruri rele si gresite. La inceput se incepe cu un gand distractiv catre un anumit lucru crezand ca oricand vrei il poti inlatura usor. Crezi ca totul este in control. Dar regula confirma ca puterea seductiva a acelui gand nevinovat este atat de fascinant incat incepi sa nu mai opui nici o rezistanta si curand realizezi ca numai controlezi nimic. Controlul l-ai avut numai la inceput cand puteai sa decizi sa nu flirtezi cu pacatul. Iacov 1:15: “Apoi pofta, cand a zamislit, da nastere pacatului; si pacatul odata faptuit, aduce moartea.”

     Ce altceva am putea face in acest razboi spiritual? Castigarea lui necesita o vigilenta aparte impotriva ispitelor. Cere o umblare continua si de aproape cu Dumnezeu unde ispitele vor putea fi infrante de la inceput. Numai protectia lui Dumnezeu poate cu adevarat sa te pazeasca neatins. Cere o cunoastere deplina a Cuvantului lui Dumnezeu cu care poti contracara minciunile ademenitoare si seducatoare ale celui rau. Cere sa renunti la sentimentele negative din viata ta care te golesc de vitalitatea spirituala, sa poti inainta fara sarcini si bagaje. Cere sa pastrezi tot timpul focusul pe chemarea lui Dumnezeu ca sa ramai acolo unde Dumnezeu vrea sa fii. Cere sa lucrezi pentru Dumnezeu si pentru oameni cu lepadare de sine, sa nu devii o tinta usoara pentru cel rau. Cere sa ai o atitudine de lauda si inchinare, o arma sigura tot timpul invingatoare impotriva ispitelor Satanei.

va urma….Sa induri greutatile slujirii ca un brav soldat

“Păstorul cel bun” pe Nașul TV din 02 februarie 2013…..


Odată cu închiderea postului de televiziune OTV, producătorii emisiunii “Păstorul cel bun” s-au văzut nevoiţi să găsească o altă platformă pentru transmiterea emisiunii. Cu ajutorul lui Dumnezeu, începând de mâine, 02 februarie 2013, emisiunea va fi transmisă de postul Naşul TV.

Timpul de difuzare va fi următorul:

Sâmbătă, de la ora 10.00-10.30
Duminică, de la 14.00-15.00

Cei care nu recepţionează încă postul Naşul TV, respectiv cei de pe RDS, sunt invitaţi să vizioneze emisiunea “Păstorul cel bun” pe internet la adresa http://www.nasul.tv

The Pro Life Movement as a Civil Rights Movement

“The Pro Life movement has been invigorated in recent years like never before.  It is now moving in the direction of the Civil Rights movement, that is a Right to Life cause, despite the fact that abortion legality is here to stay.

The line has been drawn in the sand 40 years ago, but as the Bible tells us, in the last days we are seeing an increasing separation between good and evil.  The contrast has never been greater on the issue of the unborn, primarily because many young people are beginning to see the evil of abortion that their parents ignored.” by Chris Pruneanu



Pastorul Florin Ianovici la Bistrita…. ianuarie 2013.

Romania Mission Trip December 2012 – Part 1 and 2





PART 2 – BUCHAREST (feeding the homeless)



Sarbatoarea Nasterii Domnului la Betel, Bucuresti…

In acest an Sarbatoarea Nasterii Domnului Isus m-a prins in Romania. Uneori lucrarea de misiune iti rezerva si acest fel de imprejurari dar Dumnezeu nu ramane niciodata mai prejos. Daca familia mea a acceptat aceasta situatie si au sarbatorit fara mine in Phoenix, familia Domnului m-a inconjurat cu dragoste si a incercat sa faca lipsa cat mai usor posibila. Familia Ianovici s-a ridicat peste orice asteptari si partasia cu dansii nu se va uita usor, daca se uita vreodata, ceea ce totusi este putin probabil sa se intample. Dumnezeu are oamenii Lui pe care ii foloseste minunat si ne arata ca si astazi sunt oameni care ce au pe buze au si in inima. Dumnezeu sa binecuvanteze minunata familie Ianovici si anul 2013 sa fie un an plin de impliniri si satisfactii in lucrarea la care sunt chemati.

Alaturi de cateva fotografii nemuritoare este adaugat si predica Pastorului Florin Ianovici din Seara de Ajun. Un mesaj plin de invataturi si provocari la o adevarata schimbare in viata de credinta.

Dumnezeu sa binecuvinteze toti cititorii si ascultatorii mesajelor postate pe acest blog.


Partasie cu familia Ianovici…..masa festiva la biserica.





Biserica Betel de la balcon….


Pastorul Ianovici predicand: mesajul “Steaua lui Iacov” (predica intreaga mai jos).

October Baby…

The most highly recommended movie for anyone who still thinking about abortion!!!!  

…and don’t miss the testimony (after the movie) from one of the movie actress…


din volumul “Slujitorul adevarat, Slujitorul care schimba lumea”

   Image source: http://www.offthebeatenpathministries.com/2011_05_01_archive.html

Toti slujitorii Domnului trebuie sa aiba limite care nu vor fi depasite, indiferent de circumstante sau situatii. Eu stiu sigur ce vreau sa fac si ce vreau sa fiu.

     As vrea sa-mi pastrez integritatea morala ca si Iosif cand si-a lasat haina in mana nevestei lui Potifar.

     As vrea sa am respectul pentru robii Domnului ca si David cand l-a gasit pe Saul dormind in pestera si a refuzat sa-l omoare.

     As vrea sa fiu flamand pentru Dumnezeu cum au fost Pavel si David; cand Pavel a zis: “Si sa-L cunosc pe El si puterea invierii Lui si partasia suferintelor Lui si sa ma fac asemenea cu moartea Lui” (Filipeni 3:10); iar David a zis: “Cum doreste un cerb izvoarele de apa, asa te doreste sufletul meu pe tine, Dumnezeule!” (Psalmul 42:1).

     As vrea sa am putere sa daram intariturile celui rau ca si Samson cand a daramat stalpii templului filistenilor.

     As vrea sa fac numai decizii corecte ca si Elisei cand a fost intrebat de Ilie ce vrea: “…te rog sa vina peste mine o indoita masura din duhul tau!” (2 Imparati 2:9).

     As vrea sa umblu cu Dumnezeu ca si Enoh: “Enoh a umblat cu Dumnezeu, apoi nu s-a mai vazut, pentru ca l-a luat Dumnezeu.” (Genesa 5:24).

     As vrea sa-mi mentin integritatea ca si Iov cand a zis: “…dar imi voi apara purtarea in fata Lui.” (Iov 13:15). Iov a fost determinat sa continue ceea ce a facut tot timpul inainte sa-si piarda familia, sanatatea, bogatiile si influenta. El a declarat ca nimic nu i se poate intampla acum incat sa schimbe ce a fost sau cum a trait. Iov a spus: “ Satano, eu am sa continui sa fac ce am facut intotdeauna. M-am rugat si voi continua sa ma rog. Am cantat si voi continua sa cant. L-am laudat pe Dumnezeu si voi continua sa-L laud. M-am increzut in El si voi continua sa ma incred numai in El.”

     Daniel a facut acelasi lucru cand a aflat ca daca se va ruga in continuare va fi aruncat in groapa cu lei. El se putea ruga in spatele geamurilor inchise. Dumnezeu L-ar fi auzit si daca se ruga in soapta. Dar Daniel a inteles ca o rugaciune cu geamurile inchise va fi o victorie a dusmanilor sai. In fond, el a zis: “Voi continua sa fac ceea ce am facut intotdeauna si nu-l voi lasa pe diavol sa-mi schimbe comportamentul” si a facut ce a zis. A deschis geamurile larg si a inceput sa se roage. Cand te gasesti in vale, in furtuna, in batalie cu cel rau, orisiunde te-ai afla, deschide larg geamurile si incepe sa te rogi.

     As vrea sa fiu inflacarat pentru Dumnezeu ca si Ieremia cand a zis: “….iata ca in inima mea este un foc mistuitor, inchis in oasele mele.” (Ieremia 20:9).

     As vrea sa am curajul lui Sadrac, Meshac si Abednego care au refuzat sa se inchine unui chip cioplit chiar daca sub ochii lor sau inchinat toti din jur chipului facut de Nebucadnetar.

     As vrea sa-mi pastrez taria ca si Caleb, a carui atitudine a fost: “ …sunt la fel de puternic astazi cum am fost cu 45 de ani in urma. Da-mi muntele acela plin cu uriasi. Sunt pregatit pentru o noua provocare…” (Iosua 14:10-12).

     As vrea sa fiu omul care face diferenta in jurul meu. As vrea ca in modul cel mai autentic viata mea sa fie importanta in fata lui Dumnezeu. Sunt disperat pentru Dumnezeu, sunt disperat pentru o trezire originala, disperat sa-I vad Gloria, disperat sa-I simt Prezenta si Puterea.

     Dumnezeu te-a chemat sa fii un om care face diferenta in jurul tau. Oriunde te-ai afla, la munte sau in vale sau pe o insula, in oras sau la tara. Nu conteaza locul. Dumnezeu doreste ca sa-ti de-a ungerea divina, sa aduci trezire in locul unde te gasesti.

     Fiecare slujitor ar trebui sa poata sa spuna impreuna cu apostolul Pavel ca l-a urmat pe Hristos in totalitate si i-a urmat toate sfaturile. Pavel spunea: “De aceea va marturisesc astazi, ca sunt curat de sangele tuturor” (Fapte 20:26).

     Ce ai fi dispus sa faci pentru Dumnezeu?

Te-ai opri pentru un orb cersetor pe marginea drumului? Isus a facut-o. Multimea incerca sa astupe strigatele cersetorului, dar Isus i-a auzit plansul si a zis: “Aduceti-l la mine”.

     Ai fi in stare sa te indepartezi de la drumul tau planificat numai ca sa vorbesti cu o femeie (Samariteanca de la fantana) straina, casatorita de 5 ori si traieste cu al 6-lea care nici macar nu-i este sot? Isus a facut-o.

     Suferi atat de mult pentru sufletele nemantuite incat umbli de-a lungul drumurilor si vailor sa aduci suflete la Isus? Isus ne-a poruncit sa o facem.

     Suferi atat de mult pentru lacrimile vreunui prieten infirm incat sa desfaci acoperisul casei ca sa-l aduci in prezenta Domnului? Patru oameni au facut aceasta.

     Ai putea sa lasi stana cu 99 de oi in siguranta si sa mergi in intunericul noptii plina de pericole ca sa cauti oaia ratacita? Pastorul cel bun a facut-o.

     Ai putea sa te opresti pe drumul Ierihonului pentru o victima ranita, batuta, in pragul mortii, sa ii alini suferinta si apoi sa platesti la un hangiu sa-l ingrijeasca pana se face bine? Samariteanul cel milos a facut-o.

     Ai putea sa bati la usa unui judecator nedrept pana iti raspunde si-ti rezolva problema? Vaduva staruitoare a facut-o.

     Daca ai un fiu ratacitor care ti-a luat banii pentru care niciodata nu a muncit, i-a cheltuit cu femeile usoare, dar in sfarsit se intoarce acasa smerit, ii iesi in intampinare alergand, il imbratisezi sincer, tai vitelul cel ingrasat si organizezi o petrecere pentru intoarcerea lui? Tatal acestui fiu a facut-o.

     Iti construiesti casa si slujirea pe Stanca si nu pe nisip? Omul intelept a facut-o.



  din volumul “Slujitorul adevarat, Slujitorul care schimba lumea”

      Un slujitor adevarat trebuie sa se astepte la miracole in viata de slujire.

      Conform dictionarului explicativ Webster’s Dictionary, cuvantul miracol inseamna “o extraordinara manifestare divina care intervine in viata umana”.

      Dumnezeu intotdeauna S-a manifestat in viata omului. Marcu 16 (17) : “Iata semnele ce vor insoti pe cei ce vor crede…”

      Nu este necesar “sa mergi pe ape, sa muti muntii” pentru a experimenta miracolele. Miracolele au loc in viata noastra cand suntem purtatori de credinta.

      Cea mai mare credinta pe care poti sa o ai este cand crezi ca Fiul lui Dumnezeu a venit pe acest pamant imbracat in firea pamanteasca, a fost nascut intr-o iesle, a murit pe cruce pentru pacatele noastre, a fost ingropat intr-un mormant, dar a inviat a treia zi si a fost inaltat la cer, la dreapta Tatalui, unde mijloceste pentru noi pana vom ajunge la El. Daca crezi aceste adevaruri ai deja temelia credintei si poti sa-L crezi pe Dumnezeu in stare de orice miracol.

     Du-te la biserica asteptandu-te la minuni.

     Predica asteptandu-te la minuni.

     Roaga-te pentru oricine, pentru orice cauza asteptandu-te la minuni.

     Trezeste-te in fiecare dimineata asteptand o minune in acea zi.

     Dumnezeu are materia prima pentru minuni.

     Dumnezeu a promis minunile in viata noastra.

     Dumnezeu nu minte.

     Dumnezeu ne-a insarcinat ca in Numele Dumnului sa indraznim si sa cerem orice lucru cand ne rugam.

     De ce nu ne-am astepta la minuni in fiecare zi, la fiecare slujire inchinata Lui, la fiecare predica, la fiecare rugaciune?



Be thankful to Him, and bless His name…

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Source: http://rodiagnusdei.wordpress.com/


 by David Wilkerson

Take this test to see whether you have already taken the first steps toward hardness of heart.

     1. How many times have you heard messages about the danger of neglecting daily prayer and Bible reading?

If you neglect your secret closet at home—if you think praying at church takes care of all your needs—you will never survive the troubled days ahead. If you will not heed the Word that is meant to heal and strengthen you in good times, how will you ever find power to overcome during the difficult days to come? Having a personal knowledge of your heavenly Father is the only way to prepare for what is coming!

     2. How many times have you been warned of the awful consequences of gossip?

At times, my warnings on the subject of gossip have been like soft, gentle rain and at other times, they have been like rolling thunder. Time after time, the Israelites were warned of the dangers of this sin. But they persisted in disobeying the Lord and it brought them a lifetime of misery in a snake-infested desert. Gossip and murmuring cost Israel everything.

Have you said something against a brother or a sister during the past week, something you had no business repeating? Or have you listened to any gossip about that person? If so, did you allow a seed of doubt about him or her to be planted in your soul? If you continue to gossip in light of all the warnings you have heard, you have started down the path toward hardness of heart.

     3. How many warnings have you heard against harboring a secret sin?

What about that secret sin, the one that God‘s Spirit has continually spoken to you about? Over the years I have written many warnings about the dangers of flirting with a pet sin. Yet, not only have I preached against sin, but I have taught of God’s resurrection power. I have preached that the Lord both endues us with overcoming power through His Spirit, and puts a will in our hearts to do right.

The person who dares sit under loving reproof week after week and yet goes on sinning is heading down the path toward hardness of heart. Don’t be such a person!