Open Letter from the Five Bodnariu Children´s Norwegian Grandparents

Barnevernet has a Working Method that psychs out both Children and Adults


(Translated from Norwegian to English by Jan-Aage Torp)

We have not wanted to come out openly in the media, because it can so easily be misunderstood. But based on the article in Firda (translator´s comment: The local newspaper) by the Chief Administrative Officer of Naustdal county, and the editorial in the newspaper, we find it necessary to tell about the factual circumstances around the much talked-about Barnevernet-case in Naustdal. We do not think it is alright that the Chief Administrative Officer, other county employees, or anybody else be harrassed or bullied. But when we know that this case was a shock for many and especially for us in the family, then it is not strange that there would be reactions.
Defenseless children are held captive away from the home against their will. We cannot find words to express what we feel. And this is called by the county´s Chief Administrative Officer: “Barnevernet in Naustdal has done a good job”. We must be allowed to ask: What is on the inside of people who can do something like this against someone´s children?



The Norwegian Media is Reporting… and Spinning

Delight in Truth


There is no doubt that the population of Norway is now aware of the international fury against their Barnevernet (Norwegian CPS). Human rights activist Marius Reikeras posted this picture on his Facebook timeline and it is the front page of their Morgenbladet (Morning Page). The title says: “Childcare Conspiracy: In 19 countries people are now protesting against the Norwegian CPS.” Protest signs such as “Barnevernet Childhood Killer” have made it on the front page as well.

In the midst of the second wave of international protest across Europe (Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Arad, Suceava, etc) where many thousands have gathered to stand together with the Bodnariu family and other families unfairly destroyed by CPS, Norway is becoming increasingly isolated in the eye of international opinion.

That is why they are in full damage control. They are on their heels.

  1. The State financed media is calling the movement a conspiracy.  Really? 19 countries…

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Despre prețul sincerității în cazul familiei Bodnariu.

“Deci de ce să nu susținem familia, dacă … , oricum sunt multe plângeri împotriva Barnevernet?”

Cine citeşte să înţeleagă!

Am întrebat pe o prietenă ce părere are despre situația familiei Bodnariu.

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Am primit același răspuns pe care l-am văzut în multe publicații, și site-uri cu știri.  Am observat că se discută mult despre violența în familie , despre bătaie, în cazul acestei familii și nu înțeleg de ce. Dar mă străduiesc!

Și am ajuns la câteva concluzii:

Dacă un părinte român are curajul să spună: “Recunosc că am mai dat o palmă la fund, sau am tras puțin de ureche pe copiii mei în anumite situații”, … imediat apar cel puțin două tabere de idei:

  1. “Păi, dacă are tupeul să zică asta la interviu, înseamnă că .. ce bătaie le trăgea la copii. De-asta i-au luat copiii. Îi bătea! Eu nu sunt de acord cu bătaia, și de-asta merg lucrurile rău în lume. Părinții își prea bat copiii și nu-i lasă să se bucure și ei de…

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