“I’m proud to be a child of God”

When Tim Tebow starting to wear “John 3:16” under his eyes, in a few days span the Google was search by 92 MILLION for “John 3:16″…….now, another top athlete share his Faith in Jesus without shame!!!!

I encourage everyone to support the evangelism by athletes……how many Preachers or Pastors can challenge the world with 92 millions questions about Bible? …..look like the preacher athletes did, without pulpit, just by example!!!! “Preach every day, in any situation, and when is need, use also the words.”

God bless them!!!!!

Is not the time now…..not yet!!!

“The prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will restore him to health…..” James 5:15

I still keep in memory the experience from the past year when, in March, God touched me and healed me. It’s only been 15 months since then …….  http://cornelilioi.com/2014/03/13/god-healed-me-yesterday/  …..and never thought I will need again, so soon, one miracle in my life! 

Everything started last Wednesday in the middle of the night…just I fell asleep and I woke up around 11:30 pm with one strange abdominal and chest pain accompanied by strong nausea and sweating that came over me in waves….and came again, and again, and again. 

At 5:30 am, my condition becoming worse and, thinking of possibility of heart attack, my wife called 911. The doctors came in 5-6 minutes (thanks City of Phoenix Fire Department) and after the tests they conclude that there is nothing wrong with my heart, which actually look very strong. After they left, we decided to go at hospital and my wife take me at emergency room, where we arrive just before 7:00 am. 

From this moment a new chapter in my life unfolded.

First tests confirmed the result of Fire Department doctors….but blood test shows “something” does not look as it should…after several analysis and tests (including CT, EKG, ultrasound, CBC, PT/INR and others 16 “medical definition” tests, labs and imaging), at 10:00 am,doctors decided my hospitalization. I was in pain but we think that they will do something and I’ll go home, not to be hospitalized.

Waiting to be moved in the room prepared for me, appears warning signs that something is wrong ….. first, another doctor comes to me, and it is recommended “doctor in charge with the IC unit” and tell me that everything is ready “if necessary”. The second one: I’m announced that I am not allowed to eat and drink anything in the event of surgery. Surgery???…. what kind surgery?

They moved me in my room and they put me on the IV and antibiotics. In the next 36 hours I experienced what it means to be in an American hospital. The truth is that I have not been hospitalized from the army, 33 years ago, and then in Romania.

Lab test were done every 4 hours, antibiotics after antibiotics poured in my blood around the clock, still no food and no drinks, and, like that was missing from perfect storm, in the evening I am visited by surgeon and announced that everything is ready, “just in case”….

I understand then that things are serious…..more serious than I believe at the beginning…..

My lovely wife, who stayed with me during the whole period in hospital, called our kids to tell them about my situation and to pray. We leave in Phoenix but our kids were, two in North Carolina and two in Australia.

I text to my best friends, Pastors in USA, Romania, Canada…..

One interesting thing that I did not found out until very late: a sister in law talked to my wife and said, my brother Mike had a dream about me a week ago, where I was in hospital with a diagnosis that has worried the entire family. 

After 40 hours, without knowing anything about my brother’s dream yet, I learned the diagnosis: Lactic Acidosis, a very dangerous infection in the blood, with a deadly rate of 50% in the cases, infection caused by the side effect of a drug for diabetes………

…..I learned something else: God continue to love and heal!!!……He showed me what could happen, but He showed me also that prayers has Power!!!

Thank you wholeheartedly to my Wife, Coca, for the care in those days, day and night next to me; thank you to my Children and to the extraordinary words of encouragement sent me; thank you all my Friends Pastors who prayed for me and my family; thank you to all who visited me at the hospital and to all who prayed from any place around the word; thank you for the professionalism of all doctors involved in my case and all medical staff from Banner Thunderbird Hospital…….

……but most important, Thank you God!!! Without His Respond, everything would have been futile! 

I was treated and surrounded with Love, with Dignity, with Appreciation, but without Him would not be the day after…..!!!

I love God with all my heart and I know how He loves me…I want to be in His presence and I know He wants the same…..

I love my family like nothing else on earth… but I know how He loves my family to!….and based on this love, He postponed our meeting whispering to me: is not the time now…..not yet!!! 

Lansarea unui nou blog evanghelic…..

Pastorul Nica Ionel a lansat blogul “Crestini Fara Frontiere”. Sa-i uram succes si binecuvintare in toata activitatea pe care o va desfasura in lumea virtuala, deasemenea si in lumea reala unde, pe langa fiind Pastor, este si Sot!

Linkul noului blog: https://crestinifarafrontiere.wordpress.com/

Mesaj de 1 Iunie……”Noi Construim Vieti”

Mesajul Pastorului Florin Ianovici, directorul Fundatiei Viata si Lumina din Bucuresti, Romania: 

Noi construim vieți

Geneza 21:15 “Când s-a isprăvit apa din burduf, a aruncat copilul sub un tufiş “

Noi…adică fundația Viață și Lumină! De 21 de ani ne-am pus păinea pe apele durerii ca să le facem mai dulci.

Unii excelează în betoane, alții au investit în șifoniere iar celor mai mulți viața li s-a scurs ca apa printre degete. Cifrele noastre? 1400 de copii, 2000 familii, 500 de tineri pentru care am luptat cum ne-am priceput și cum ne-a ajutat Dumnezeu.

Poate că unora li s-a terminat vinul de la nuntă, alții nu mai au nici apă ca să bea dar tot nu e un motiv ca să arunci copilul.

Și dacă totuși se va întâmpla, mă rog lui Dumnezeu ca brațele celor de la Viață și Lumină să fie încă destul de puternice să îi prindă…!

Noi vă promitem ajutorul nu doar de 1 iunie!

Psalmii 10:14 “Dar Tu vezi; căci Tu priveşti necazul şi suferinţa, ca să iei în mână pricina lor. În nădejdea Ta se lasă cel nenorocit şi Tu vii în ajutor orfanului. “