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When I saw her for the first time she was 14 years old ….. personally we met when she was not yet 16…. and 8 months later we were married!

… even I was not yet 20.

All seemed as an adventure, and many (not to say that most) were anticipating that “love story” will be ended soon, whoever, since then have gone 34 years.

What seemed to many a failure, God turned it into a boundless blessing. The love from the first sight became forever and the fulfillment was visible in the family.

It was the best gift God could give it to me. My wife, Coca, may be is not perfect for the world around, but was and is perfect for me, becoming the reason to live and enjoy the life!

She gave herself up for the sake of the family, gave up a lot only to be best for us …….

She did this all her life and today she turns 50!

It seems stronger than ever, love for her family is not unobserved and pleasure of talking about our children is the greatest satisfaction for her.

I never dreamed of anything better and God gave me what’s the best.

I pray that God will help her continue to be what it was made to be; and because she has accepted what God has entrusted her, the rewards will be great!!!

At this beautiful time of celebration … words have not great significance …. but I want to reaffirm publicly that Coca is and always will be the only person who deserves from me: I love you!

God bless you, Coca….. Happy Birthday !!!


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ENCOURAGE by cornelilioi

Beth Van Duyne

Irving’s Mayor Beth Van Duyne stated in a Facebook post about Islamic Tribunal self-proclaimed “sharia-court” in Texas: 

Sharia Law Court was NOT approved or enacted by the City of Irving. Recently, there have been rumors suggesting that the City of Irving has somehow condoned, approved or enacted the implementation of a Sharia Law Court in our City. Let me be clear, neither the City of Irving, our elected officials or city staff have anything to do with the decision of the mosque that has been identified as starting a Sharia Court.

As Mayor of the City of Irving, I took an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Texas and the Constitution of the United States. I respect the freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment and believe that protecting fundamental constitutional rights and ensuring that individual rights are not violated or denied is essential.

Currently, Texas Supreme Court precedent…

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The mountains shake before him,

 The demons run and flee at the mention of the name, King of Majesty.

 There is NO power in hell, or any who can stand against the presence and the power of the Great I Am!


Matthew 7:15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

We’re admonished by Scripture to guard our hearts, including our choices in entertainment! Any entertainment would lead us away from whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable or praiseworthy supposed to be avoided.

Today, the release of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey will be a true challenge for everyone called Christian!!! The Hollywood chose the Valentine’s Day to release this movie deceiving people, making people think is relationship, love story movie but the truth is, Fifty Shades of Grey is real porn movie, promoting depiction of bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism as normal and pleasurable, promoting premarital sex and sexual deviance. 

Don’t be surprised if next week or following weeks will increase the domestic violence, will increase the addictions to deviant sexual behaviors. 

“Movies with the message that women must find their worth through sexuality are exploitive. God doesn’t place our value in our sexuality, but rather who we are as people and our relationship to each other.” said Michael Bartel, co-founder of FREE International, an Assemblies of God ministry assisting human trafficking victims. 

Also, Pastor Rick McDaniel stated: “The movie does more than raise questions focusing on BDSM stuff. It makes it relevant to talk about sexuality and marriage, and the related topics of adultery, divorce, pornography, cohabitation, and gay marriage. Fifty Shades puts too much focus on fantasy and removes the reality of the effort it takes to make a marriage. To enjoy the gift of sex we need to understand human sexuality through the lens of God’s morality.”

As the Author of intimacy, God wants us to experience life-giving closeness with Him and with our spouse. This requires us to fully trust God’s Word and reject our culture’s over-sexualized, demoralizing views.

If you are truly a Christian, think twice before buying tickets to this movie. With this money you can do something more useful and practical for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Days!!!


Hear Israel, The Lord our God, The Lord is One!!…..

…..and you shall love The Lord your God with all of your heart and with all of your soul…..


NASCAR Legend, Darrell Waltrip, Declares to Obama, Dalai Lama at Prayer Breakfast on 5th February, 2015: “”Without Christ, You Will Go to Hell!!! The  good news is you’ve got to get off your high horse and get on your knees and ask for forgiveness. He’s waiting there for you.


Darrell Waltrip, a NASCAR Hall of Fame with 84 wins, shared his Christian testimony and spoke about the importance of coming to Christ and becoming a new creature before approximately 4,000 attendees, which hailed from 170 countries worldwide. He spent most of his talk sharing his story of how God changed his life from being a man that struggled with pride and alcoholism, to a person who now is humble and lives for Christ and not himself.

How that miraculous change can be possible? A serious crash during the 1983 Daytona 500 became the turning point for Darrell Waltrip as he realized that he could have died that day—without Christ.

BEFORE THAT DAY…….“This is what people said about me: They said I was brash, ruthless, pushy, cocky, conceited, aloof, boastful, arrogant and just downright annoying,” Waltrip said, speaking of his life over 30 years ago. “And I’ve got to tell you, those were people that liked me, so you can imagine what people that didn’t like me had to say about me.”

DURING THAT DAY…..“When I woke up, I realized that that wreck had knocked me unconscious. It scared the Hell out of me, and I mean that literally. I realized that I could have been killed that day. What if I’d lost my life right there that day at Daytona? What would I have done? Would I have gone to Heaven, or would have I gone to Hell?”

AFTER THAT DAY…….“When the Lord comes into your life, you’re going to be different. You have to be different,” he declared to those gathered. “If He comes into your life and you’re not different, you better go back and try it again, because the Lord changes you.”

For all my friends, my followers and my readers: you are changed your life turning to Jesus? When is happens and how? What is your testimony Before that Day and After that Day? You are sharing your experience to encourage others? Feel free in Spirit to write here your story, your testimony, your experience. God bless Darrell Waltrip and God bless you all!

The difference between Radical Muslim and a Radical Christian!!!

“True followers of Christ emulate Christ – true followers of Mohammed emulate Mohammed.” by Franklin Graham


The Truth about Crusades…..

“Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ…”


The crusades were completely REACTIONARY to a multi-century onslaught by jihadists. The purpose of the crusades were to free Christians while the purpose of jihad (Islam’s march) was to conquer and kill the kafir (non-muslims).



SOME FACTS: The first Crusade began in 1095 after centuries of church burnings, killings, enslavement and forced conversions of Christians… by the Muslims:

– 460 years after the first Christian city was overrun by Muslim armies,

– 457 years after Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies,

– 453 years after Muslims first plundered Italy,

– 427 years after Muslim armies first laid siege to the Christian capital of Constantinople,

– 380 years after France was first attacked by Muslim armies,

– 249 years after the capital of the Catholic world, Rome itself, was sacked by a Muslim army.

By the time the Crusades finally began, Muslim armies had conquered two thirds of the Christian World.

“Crusades, military expeditions, beginning in the late 11th century, that were organized by Western Christians in response to centuries of Muslim wars of expansion. Their objectives were to check the spread of Islam, to retake control of the Holy Land, to conquer pagan areas, and to recapture formerly Christian territories;

Approximately two-thirds of the ancient Christian world had been conquered by Muslims by the end of the 11th century, including the important regions of Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and Anatolia.

By the 14th century the Ottoman Turks had established themselves in the Balkans and would penetrate deeper into Europe despite repeated efforts to repulse them.”


The above image source: 

Katy Perry’s Evangelical Minister Father on Lesbianism-Promoting Daughter: ‘I’m Always Proud’

Katy Perry’s Evangelical Minister Father on Lesbianism-Promoting Daughter: ‘I’m Always Proud’

1 SAMUEL 2:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           22-25 By this time Eli was very old. He kept getting reports on how his sons were ripping off the people and sleeping with the women who helped out at the sanctuary. Eli took them to task: “What’s going on here? Why are you doing these things? I hear story after story of your corrupt and evil carrying on. Oh, my sons, this is not right! These are terrible reports I’m getting, stories spreading right and left among God’s people! If you sin against another person, there’s help—God’s help. But if you sin against God, who is around to help?”

25-26 But they were far gone in disobedience and refused to listen to a thing their father said. SoGod, who was fed up with them, decreed their death……..

Eli did not said he is proud of his children and was severely punished by God.  What punishment are waiting for Keith, who is proud of his children, if he does not sincerely repent???

Keith Hudson, the evangelical minister father of pop star Katy Perry, known for her hit song “I Kissed a Girl,” which she performed at the Super Bowl in Phoenix on Sunday, told reporters prior to her appearance that he was proud of his daughter. “Oh no, I don’t have a problem,” he told the Daily Mail when asked if he had any issue with her scheduled performance at the event. “I’m always proud. I’m a proud father.”

This past week, Hudson stated that he was going to the Super Bowl to watch his daughter, stating that she was going to “do some good” songs, and that he is “always proud” of her.