23 AUGUST 1981 … two young teenagers have decided to unite their destinies forever.

For many people it seemed only an adventure, for others reckless. Others believe it is for a season, while others discouraged our families, considering that in the near future I had to go in the military for about two years …

This was the beginning…

…in the beginning we were two … and we are approaching the moment when it will be just us two again… but in the meantime we are surrounded by four wonderful children, five beautiful grandchildren and “one million” extraordinary memories.

Today, after 32 years…discouragements stayed behind and  the military period is over…. We continue the “adventure”, continue to be “reckless”, continue the “season” of love …. and say to everyone:  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us !!!



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4 comments on “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY….!!!

  1. Si chiar daca au mai trecut ceva zile de la aniversare dorim si noi sa aducem un dram de multumire pentru ajutorul ce l-ati avut din partea Domnului. Ramaneti in continuare in acel frumos anotimp si bucurati-va cu cei ce se bucura. Noi am sarbatorit doar…23 de ani chiar in perioada petrecuta in Phoenix. Ca mari pasionati de muzica va daruim si citeva minute de auditie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHRbAQCgjsA .
    La multi ani si multa binecuvantare :Ilie &Magda-Perth

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