19 firefighters killed battling Arizona fire

Granite Mountain Hotshots crew from Prescott, AZ in undated photo from the department’s Web site. Local media reporting 19 members of the crew were killed Sunday.

Photo from Twitter/@photomeisterAZR

“It has been confirmed that 19 wildland firefighters have lost their lives on the Yarnell Hill fire Arizona,” the US Wildland Fire Aviation said in a statement, Reuters reports.

Photo from Twitter/@photomeisterAZR


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Church of God Responds to Supreme Court…

“In response to the imprudent decision of the United States Supreme Court on June 26, 2013, in the case of the United States v. Windsor, the Church reaffirms its historical and biblical position on marriage. The action of the Court nullifies Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act that defined marriage for purposes of federal law as the union of a man and a woman and, consequently, by this action upholds the legality of same-sex marriage.”

“…We affirm this statement based on two truths: the sacredness of marriage and the sinfulness of homosexuality.

The idea of marriage did not originate from the mind of man, but of God. The Bible explains that the Creator made man and woman for each other (Genesis 2:18-24), and this truth is reaffirmed by the Savior (Matthew 19:4-6). It is God who ordained marriage and it was Christ who said “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” This being the case, men cannot legitimately change the definition of marriage to please themselves. A redefinition of marriage would constitute a negation of marriage. Human laws must be judged by the laws of God….”

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