1 December – National Day of Romania

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din volumul “Slujitorul adevarat, Slujitorul care schimba lumea”

File:Jan Wijnants - Parable of the Good Samaritan.jpg

 The Parable of the Good Samaritan by Jan Wijnants (1670) 

     Slujitorul Domnului are puterea sa inalte sau sa darame, sa aduca speranta sau sa descurajeze, sa binecuvinteze sau sa huleasca, sa tamaduiasca sau sa mihneasca. Porunca Scripturii insa este sa vindece pe cei cu inima zdrobita (Isaia 61:1).

     Cum sunt miinile tale? Inchid ranile sau le provoaca?

     Cum sunt cuvintele tale? Ridica sau deprimeaza?

     Slujitorul adevarat trebuie sa ajunga si sa atinga inimile zdrobite, pe cei raniti si sa le aduca vindecare si mangaiere si incurajare.

     Luca 10:33-34: “Dar un Samaritean, care era in calatorie, a venit in locul unde era el, si cand l-a vazut, I s-a facut mila de el.

S-a apropiat de i-a legat ranile, si a turnat peste ele undelemn si vin; apoi l-a pus pe dobitocul lui, l-a dus la un han, si a ingrijit de el.”

     Aceasta povestire extraordinara este data exemplu tuturor slujitorilor adevarati. Preotul si Levitul au trecut pe langa omul ranit, in pragul mortii. De ce? Poate erau prea ocupati cu lucruri minore, fara importanta. Poate nu doreau sa fie implicati.

     Cert este ca peste tot in jurul nostru sunt oameni raniti, loviti. Biserica care reuseste sa se apropie de acesti oameni va fii intotdeauna o biserica care creste.

     Isus descrie ca Samariteanul “…a venit in locul unde era el…”, cel lovit, victima.Nu poti sa ajuti, sa faci diferenta in jurul tau, de la distanta.

     Noi, ca slujitori ai lui Dumnezeu, trebuie sa fim in locul unde oamenii traiesc; sa fim aproape de ei, sa-i atingem cand sunt loviti si sa le alinam ranile.


God Is Love And He Must Also Hate

Love and Hate - love Photo

“To love some things, is to hate other things.

If I love children I will hate child abuse.

If I love my wife I will hate committing adultery against her.

Human emotion is wrapped around a fallen nature, so even our most righteous anger has remnants of jealousy, pride, greed and general sinfulness. But we mustn’t project those fallen attributes to a perfect God’s righteous anger. God’s love and anger, unlike ours, is rooted in His fundamental holiness.”

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Pastorul Florin Ianovici – 25 Noiembrie 2012, Logos Gleisdorf

Programul de dimineata…..Predica incepe la minutul 52:35

Programul de seara………….Predica incepe la minutul 1:24:45

Good wedding, bad marriage

“We live in a culture where more than half of these couples who marry in pomp and circumstance will dissolve in a bitter divorce court. That same couple that would spend $500 on a bouquet of flowers won’t spend $150 on marriage counseling. The same woman that invested every spare moment of every day for six months in preparation for a wedding, finds herself annoyed at the prospect of dealing with her husband.

It’s all about the wedding.

NOVEMBER 26, 2012 BY MIKE PATZ                                                                                                    

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Torture rooms for children in our schools….What is next ?????


“This is disgusting, inhumane and illegal. We already have, in almost every school in our country, cops with guns. And now, children are being locked up. If parents/grandparents and the care-less government doesn’t do something, it will get worse. In fact, this proves it already has. WAKE UP, People!” by breaksva

Watch the VIDEO:

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60 seconds for each baby……100 years for all……

What would happen if God honored each of them for 60 seconds… or 30 seconds… or 10 seconds…or only ONE second?

His Silence already started….after election day!

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  din volumul “Slujitorul adevarat, Slujitorul care schimba lumea”

      Un slujitor adevarat trebuie sa se astepte la miracole in viata de slujire.

      Conform dictionarului explicativ Webster’s Dictionary, cuvantul miracol inseamna “o extraordinara manifestare divina care intervine in viata umana”.

      Dumnezeu intotdeauna S-a manifestat in viata omului. Marcu 16 (17) : “Iata semnele ce vor insoti pe cei ce vor crede…”

      Nu este necesar “sa mergi pe ape, sa muti muntii” pentru a experimenta miracolele. Miracolele au loc in viata noastra cand suntem purtatori de credinta.

      Cea mai mare credinta pe care poti sa o ai este cand crezi ca Fiul lui Dumnezeu a venit pe acest pamant imbracat in firea pamanteasca, a fost nascut intr-o iesle, a murit pe cruce pentru pacatele noastre, a fost ingropat intr-un mormant, dar a inviat a treia zi si a fost inaltat la cer, la dreapta Tatalui, unde mijloceste pentru noi pana vom ajunge la El. Daca crezi aceste adevaruri ai deja temelia credintei si poti sa-L crezi pe Dumnezeu in stare de orice miracol.

     Du-te la biserica asteptandu-te la minuni.

     Predica asteptandu-te la minuni.

     Roaga-te pentru oricine, pentru orice cauza asteptandu-te la minuni.

     Trezeste-te in fiecare dimineata asteptand o minune in acea zi.

     Dumnezeu are materia prima pentru minuni.

     Dumnezeu a promis minunile in viata noastra.

     Dumnezeu nu minte.

     Dumnezeu ne-a insarcinat ca in Numele Dumnului sa indraznim si sa cerem orice lucru cand ne rugam.

     De ce nu ne-am astepta la minuni in fiecare zi, la fiecare slujire inchinata Lui, la fiecare predica, la fiecare rugaciune?



A picture says more than a thousand words …/ O imagine spune mai mult ca o mie de cuvinte…

November 25, 2012 / Noiembrie 25, 2012

Day of Celebration in my Family…/ Zi de sarbatoare in familia mea…

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” -Galatians 2:20
Best decision ever!!! by Daniel Cornelius Ilioi

Best decision ever for my son and joy for the whole family…

More pictures…..



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Celebration of Thanksgiving is history now !

What next?

You will continue to be grateful or you will start once again your “daily” grievances?

The test was…. yesterday!!!!!

If you continued to celebrate with family and friends, if you continued to give thank God for what He is for you  and everything you already have, you passed the test well.

If you left the house in celebration and rushed to buy what you do not need just because is cheaper, it means …… a lot.

God, help us to be as you desire!

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Give thanks in everything …. in all circumstances


When we are going to say “thank you,”  we say “thank you” to somebody. Pausing to express gratitude to a great and mighty God is the reminder of this national holiday. But Thanksgiving is more than a holiday for the grateful believer — it’s a way of life. Bo Baker said: “Thanksgiving is grace dressed in unselfishness, gratitude spelled out in personal concern and character showing its colors like the lovely leaves of fall.”

Thanksgiving is an attitude, a natural part of Christian character.  1 Thessalonians 5:18: “… in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

First, thanksgiving is appropriate in every occasion. “Give thanks” is a command, an imperative. Giving thanks is not an option for the serious Christian. Also, this command is present tense, so the instruction is to keep on giving thanks.

Give thanks in everything …. in all circumstances. Is not saying give thanks for everything, but in connection with everything that happens. In every circumstance, no matter what or where, you can still thank God. That’s God’s imperative to the growing Christian. 

Not everything that happens to us is good, but God uses everything that happens to work for our good.

Sometimes we don’t know whether something is good or bad, but we can be thankful God is working for our good in everything.

Not only is thanksgiving appropriate in every occasion, but also: thanksgiving should abound naturally in the life of every growing Christian. Thanksgiving is the natural response to the grace and goodness of a great and wonderful God who cares and provides. Thanksgiving should overflow from the life of the Christian. 

 “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and he thankful (Col. 3:15).

 “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him (Col. 3:17).

 “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving” (Col. 4:2).

 In this Colossians passage ties thanksgiving closely to prayer, as also does in the (1 Thess. 5:17) verse: “Overflowing gratitude springs from a life of continuous, ceaseless prayer”

Thanksgiving should be a natural part of the Christian’s prayer. How can we pray without first giving thanks for all He has done? When we pray thanks, we must also live out thanksgiving with our words and actions.

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Be thankful to Him, and bless His name…

photo via

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Generosity leads to Thanksgiving/ Generozitatea duce la Multumire

“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.” 2 Corinthians 9: 11-12

“În chipul acesta veţi fi îmbogăţiţi în toate privinţele, pentru orice dărnicie, care, prin noi, va face să se aducă mulţămiri lui Dumnezeu. Căci ajutorul dat de darurile acestea, nu numai că acopere nevoile sfinţilor, dar este şi o pricină de multe mulţămiri către Dumnezeu.” 2 Corinteni 9:11-12

“We are not required to be lawyers to get someone out of jail but get them a kind word to there between walls.

We are not required to heal the sick but to be there beside their bed of distress. God’s pharmacy is different from that of the world.

We are not required to make charity organizations – not that would be bad – but to share our bread with the hungry.
Bread came through social programs is more dull and blunt while the share of yours will always be tastier.

Is beginning of the week …. week of Thanksgiving! Rainy days arise over orphanages, asylums, hospitals and prisons!

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR BREAD?” by Pastor Florin Ianovici

“Nu ni se cere sa fim avocati ca sa scoatem pe cineva din inchisoare ci doar sa le ducem o vorba buna acolo intre ziduri.

Nu ni se cere sa vindecam pe cei bolnavi ci doar sa fim acolo langa patul lor de suferinta. Farmacia lui Dumnezeu e diferita de cea a lumii.

Nu ni se cere sa facem fundatii de caritate – nu ca ar fi rau – ci sa impartim painea noastra cu cel flamand. Painea venita prin programe sociale e mai searbada pe cand cea rupta din a ta totdeauna va fi mai gustoasa.

E inceput de saptamana…saptamana de Thanksgiving! Se lasa apasarea peste orfelinate, azile , spitale si inchisori!

CE FACI CU PIINEA TA?” de Pastorul Florin Ianovici

WATCH THE MOVIE BELLOW… is sad, unimaginable reality from the streets of Bucharest.

The Bread of Life Ministry help and support part of the charity programs of Life and Light Foundation Bucharest, run by the Pastor Florin Ianovici. The Life and Light Foundation take care of more than 250 children in the orphanage and  provide daily bread for hundreds of the street children and the children who live in the canals. 

In the begging of December I will go to Bucharest with the donation received to be part of that ministry. Also, I can represent you…..

This week we enjoy with our loved ones, food is plentiful and happiness can be read on our faces.


We can not replace them families, we can not provide a complete happiness but a piece of bread we can share with them. Are you ready for this? 



PRAY AND CLICK “DONATE “ BUTTON UNDER BREAD OF LIFE MINISTRY LOGO on the Right of the screen…………………………..  >  >  >

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Povestea familiei mele si …..avortul!

In urma multor solicitari pentru a posta ultimul articol “The story of my family ….. also abortion!” si in limba romana, astazi acest lucru este posibil si articolul tradus este  publicat mai jos. Sper sa fie o sursa de inspiratie care sa dea incredere celor care traiesc drame asemanatoare ca Dumnezeu este TOT TIMPUL in controlul tuturor lucrurilor si foloseste ORICE lucru spre binele celor ce se incred in El. Dumnezeu sa va binecuvanteze!


Traim zile cand cuvantul “avort” este folosit aproape fara incetare, la TV, la radio, pe internet, in ziare si reviste, in predici, in discursuri politice, in dezbateri; este cuvantul care aproape a divizat America, daca nu chiar lumea,  in doua categorii de oamenii: pro-life si pro-choice. Fiecare grupare are expertii sai, prozelitii sai, dovezi, explicatii…..

Chiar si lumea crestina, sau mai bine zis “crestina”, incepe din ce in ce mai mult sa accepte acest cuvant, ca avortul ar fi normal in conditii de viol, de incest, cand nasterea ar putea sa puna in pericol viata mamei.

Dar ce facem cu Cuvantul lui Dumnezeu? Pana unde merge credinta noastra? Daca un fir de par nu ne cade fara voia lui Dumnezeu, daca crinii cresc atat de frumosi fara interventia omului, daca pasarile si puii de leu sunt in grija lui Dumnezeu ca sa nu moara de foame, pana unde trebuie sa ne ingrijoram noi cand este vorba despre viata care Dumnezeu o da si tot El o ia?

Aceste intrebari impreuna cu evenimentul acestei saptamani (ziua de nastere a celei de a doua fete a noastra, Sorina – personaj important in povestirea familiei noastre) m-a determinat sa scriu aceasta marturisire.

Dumnezeu este acelasi ieri, astazi si va fi intotdeauna de partea celor care se incred in El…

Aceasta este marturisirea noastra:


Eram o famile tanara,  eu 24 de ani, sotia mea Coca 21,casatoriti de 5 ani. Aveam deja o fetita, Andreea de 3.5 ani si  asteptam cu nerabdare nasterea celui de-al doilea copil la inceputul anului 1986. Totul parea normal si nimic nu prevestea norul incercarii care avea sa se abata peste seninul cerului nostru familial.  Vestea a cazut ca un traznet peste noi.

Sotia a nascut o fetita dar cu un diagnostic cutremurator: tetralogy of Fallot (TOF).

In acea perioada, ca si constructor lucram intr-un campus la o departare de 160 km. Am primit un telefon cu vestea tulburatoare, am lasat totul si am plecat spre casa unde mi-am gasit sotia in spital intr-o situatie deplorabila. Trebuie precizat ca toate acestea se intimplau in Romania comunista, unde nu aveam masina personala pe atunci si calatoria de 160 km mi-a luat aproape 8 ore, cu autobuzul, cu trenul, din nou cu un alt autobuz. Am ajuns la spital deja vineri noaptea si cu legile de atunci nici ziua sa fi fost nu puteai intra in spital decat joia si duminica cateva ore. Dar avand cativa prieteni care lucrau la spital am fost imbracat cu haine ca de doctor, am intrat inauntru, am stat de vorba cu sotia si mi s-a aranjat si o intalnire cu un doctor de specialitate care era de garda in acea seara. Un dialog fara nici o speranta; fetita era foarte bolnava, fara nici o sansa de a se face vreodata bine. Din cauza insuficientei cardiace fetita s-a nascut si cu mai multe malformatii fizice la miini si la picioare. Doctorul mi-a explicat ca vom creste un copil cu handicap pentru toata viata. Vazindu-mi expresia fetei mi-a zis sa merg cu el sa vad fetita. Am intrat in salonul unde era si am vazut o fata ca de inger, o fetita de o frumusete deosebita dar cand a dezvelit-o am inteles tot ce mi-a zis doctorul.

M-a rugat sa am intelepciune si sa stiu sa ma comport cu sotia pentru ca se afla intr-o situatie critica; pe langa complicatiile nasterii acum a aparut si problema fetitei, au aparut si sicanele celor din jur care, stiind ca suntem credinciosi penticostali intr-o tara unde peste 90% erau orthodocsi, numai conteneau cu cuvintele urate la adresa noastra si a lui Dumnezeu. Eu am fost nascut penticostal dar pentru ca sotia s-a convertit numai de cativa ani in urma, toti o acuzau ca a fost pedepsita de Dumnezeu ca a lasat “religia adevarata” si a trecut la sectanti, cum eram numiti credinciosi neoprotestanti.

Dupa o saptamana de …(fara cuvinte)…fetita careia  i-am pus numele de Mihaela  a incheiat suferinta fizica pe acest pamant si a trecut la Dumnezeu. Medical, doctorii spuneau ca este urmare a exploziei nucleare de la Cernobyl, orasul nostru aflindu-se numai la 640 km distanta.


Cu destula greutate lucrurile incepeau sa revina la un oarecare normal. Relatiile din familie parca s-au intarit in aceasta incercare si incercam sa privim increzatori inainte. Nu au trecut decat vreo zece luni si spre bucuria noastra, dar si cu stringere de inima, am primit vestea ca sotia mea Coca este din nou insarcinata. Stiind prin ce-am trecut nici macar cu an an in urma, pe langa bucurie, inimile noastre dar mai ales a lui Coca era plina de ingrijorare si de frica necunoscutului. Rugaciunile au capatat un alt nivel si cele noua luni au trecut ca o vesnicie.

Si a venit clipa placarii la spital. De aceasta data eram in oras, mi-am dus sotia la spital, si neputand ramane alaturi de ea ca si aici in USA, m-am intors acasa. Apartamentul unde stateam era la numai 2 km de spital. In jurul orei 10 pm suna telefonul si sunt chemat de urgenta la spital.

In cateva minute ajung acolo unde eram asteptat si vestea imi este data: sotia a nascut din nou o fetita cu acelasi diagnostic si aceleasi malformatii.

Pentru a doua oara in mai putin de 18 luni (acum aflindu-ne in septembrie 1987) suntem loviti naprasnic. Sotia inca era in stare de soc dupa vestea primita, dupa spusele doctorilor ulterior foarte aproape de un colaps total. Totul a disparut din orizontul nostru. O familie tanara pe pragul prapastiei. Nici o explicatie. Nimic de inteles. Daca primul caz ne-a luat prin surprindere, acum nu a mai fost la fel. Dupa noua luni de rugaciune necontenita acelasi rezultat? Doamne, ne-ai parasit? Atat de pacatosi suntem ca sa meritam aceasta ca si pedeapsa? Intrebarile erau multe si parca cerul s-a inchis total pentru noi.

Timpul trecea…..deja acum erau trei saptamani dupa nasterea fetitei cu numele de Daniela. Inca era in spital, doctorii inca nu gaseau explicatiile acestui caz: doua fetite identice, parca copiate la indigo, cu aceasi fizionomie, cu aceasi greutate, cu aceasi lungime dar si cu acelasi diagnostic. Oraselul nostru fiind mic, de numai 25,000 de locuitori si fiind si cunoscuti eram deja “subiectul” zilei. Aceleasi sicane, aceleasi cuvinte acuzatoare, aceleasi batjocuri.

Mult mai greu ca intiia oara pentru ca acum si cei din biserica au inceput sa cleveteasca si sa barfeasca, si cei din familia largita aveau interpretarile lor. Doi tineri, eu de 26, sotia de 22, loviti din toate partile si de oricine si pe deasupra ni se parea ca si de Dumnezeu.

Dupa aproape patru saptamani am decis impreuna cu sotia sa mergem la spital si sa luam fetita acasa. Daca Dumnezeu va voi sa crestem o fetita handicapata, o vom face. Am capatat amindoi pace in suflet si asteptam dimineata sa facem ce ne-am propus……a fost o noapte lunga, parca mai lunga ca de obicei iar inspre dimineata suna telefonul. Erau de la spital sa ne anunte ca in timpul noptii fetita a murit. Am inmormantat-o in acelasi loc cu sora ei. Mihaela si Daniela erau acum impreuna; iar noi impreuna cu Andreea fetita de 4 ani si jumatate incercam un nou inceput.

In Romania acelor ani, avortul era interzis prin lege. Cine face avort ilegal era pasibil de inchisoare. Cu toate acestea interdictii, sotia mea a primit aprobare de la doctori ca daca va mai ramanea insarcinata vreodata are voie sa faca avort pentru ca niciodata nu va mai avea un copil sanatos. Din cauza similititudinilor celor doua cazuri, doctorii au stabilit ca in corpul sotiei mele s-a creat un patern care nu va mai putea sa se schimbe; fiecare copil care il va avea va fi la fel. A doua optiune ar fi fost ca dupa ce se va face mai bine fizic sotia sa mearga si se se opereze sa numai poate avea copii. Aceasta a cazut ca o condamnare pentru noi cel putin din doua motive: idea avortului nu poate fi pusa in discutie iar sotia isi dorea sa mai aiba cel putin inca un copil. Eram trintiti la pamant dar nu infrinti. Dumnezeu era in inimile noastre mai tare ca oricand.


Si incercarea credintei nu a intarziat sa apara. La mai putin de cinci luni sotia mea a ramas din nou insarcinata. Peste noi a ramas pacea lui Dumnezeu mai ales ca nu a trecut multa vreme de cand am primit un cuvant prophetic care a spus ca sotia mea a fost pe deplin vindecata si ce se zamisleste in ea va fi o binecuvantare de la Dumnezeu; asta inainte sa stim noi insine ca Coca este insarcinata.

Ne-am increzut in El si chiar am spus si noi ca si cei trei tineri in fata lui Nebucadnetar altadata: chiar daca Dumnezeu nu va interveni niciodata nu vom accepta avortul.

Pentru toti care ne cunosteau vestea a cazut ca un fulger. Pentru multi povestea nostra inca era subiect de discutie si deja la orizont ei  intrevedeau o noua drama, inclusiv pentru cei apropiati.

In Romania era legea ca daca o femeie raminea insarcinata trebuia sa se inregistreze  la clinica in 45 de zile, official pentru a primi ajutor, neoficial pentru a nu se da posibilitatea producerii unui avort illegal.

Deci sotia este insarcinata. Ce sa facem? Ne-am rugat si sotia a primit un gand de la Dumnezeu sa nu se inregistreze ca nu cumva doctorii sub forma unui “control medical” sa-i provoace un avort cunoscandu-i istoria. Dupa 7 luni cand sarcina era deja vizibila dar si cand nu se mai putea face nimic impotriva copilului Coca s-a dus la spital la primul control medical. Doctorii au jignit-o, au amenintat-o pana acolo ca nu o va primi la spital pentru nastere. Am fost nevoiti sa mergem in alt oras, la 25 de mile distanta cand a venit timpul nasterii. Era noiembrie 1988. Iarna grea, frig, zapada……..

Dar ceea ce Dumnezeu a vestit s-a intimplat.

In ciuda tuturor diagnosticelor medicale, pe 16 noiembrie1988, prin cezariana, sotia a dat nastere unei fetite de 10 lb, perfect sanatoasa, ca o binecuvantare cum Dumnezeu ne-a instiintat. Pe 16 luna aceasta va implini 24 de ani……daca ar fi fost dupa doctori, nu trebuia sa existe, nici ea, nici celalti doi copii nascuti dupa ea, Beatrice in 1993 si Daniel in 1995, amindoi nascuti in New York. 

Avortul?  Un cuvant neacceptat de credinciosi……..sub nici un motiv!!!!!!!


Acestia sunt cei trei copii nascuti prin fagaduinta si prin ascultare atunci cand toata lumea a spus ca trebuie omorati……

Chiar? La care care dintre ei se putea renunta?


A studiat la Arizona Christian University muzica vocal, este o foarte buna bucatareasa, foarte activa in lucrarea din biserica Central Church of God Charlotte, cu inima deschisa pentru ajutorare si misiune, participanta cu grupuri de misiune in Mexico, Ungaria, Dominica, Taiwan…


Il iubeste pe Dumnezeu din toata inima, canta in corul de fete al bisericii Happy Valley Romanian Pentecostal Church de la varsta de 5 ani, studenta in anul doi la Arizona State University unde studiaza jurnalismul si stiinta politica, implicata ca si sora ei mai mare in misiune cu calatorii misionare in Romania si Africa de Sud…..


Ultimul an la liceu, involvat in lucrarea cu copiii la Cathedral Christan Center Phoenix, canta la pian in grupul de inchinare a tinerilor din aceasi biserica, a inceput studiile teologice preuniversitare focusul sau fiind sa ajunga pastor de biserica…..

Daca sotia mea ar fi facut avort sau s-ar fi operat pentru a numai ramane insarcinata am fi distrus trei lucratori din via Domnului….trei personalitati pe cae Dumnezeu ii foloseste inca din copilarie.

Daca sotia mea ar fi facut avort sau s-ar fi operat pentru a nu mai avea copii noi am fi fost niste criminali, ucigasi, distrugand trei vieti cu cariere bine trasate de Dumnezeu in lucrarea lui.

Dar multumim lui Dumnezeu ca nu ne-a lasat sa fim ucigasi de copii!

Noi suntem copiii Domnului care cu toata familia ne inchinam numai Lui!!!!!!!!!!


*****Cornel, Coca, Daniel, Andreea with her daughter Caitlin, Sorina, Betty*****

A fost greu? Inimaginabil……

S-a meritat? Cu toata convingerea spun ca DA……

Putem explica? Nu……dar nu este important! Privind in urma, stim ca Dumnezeu nu ne-a parasit nici o clipa si chiar atunci cand noua ne-a fost cel mai greu stim ca El a fost alaturi de noi si ca in final Victoria este numai a Lui…..noua ni s-a permis doar sa fim partasi alaturi de El.

Lauda sa fie a Domnului!!!!! Lauda sa fie a Domnului!!!!!



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The story of my family ….. and the abortion!

We live in days when the word “abortion” is used almost endlessly, TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and magazines, in sermons, political speeches, in debates; is the word that almost divided America, if not the world, in two categories of people: pro-life and pro-choice. Each group has its experts, its proselytes, evidences, explanations…..

Even the Christian world, or rather “Christians”, starts to accept this word, such as abortion would be normal in terms of rape, incest, when birth could endanger the mother’s life.

But what the Word of God says? So where goes our faith? If a hair falls not without God, if so beautiful lilies grow without human intervention, if the birds and lion cubs are in God’s hands not to starve, so where should worry us when is about life that God gives and He takes?

These questions along with the event this week (birthday of the second girl, Sorina – important person in our family story) prompted me to write this confession.

God is the same yesterday, today and always will be with those who trust in Him…

This is our story, the Rest of the Story:


We were a young family; I was 24 years old, my wife Coca 21, married for 5 years. We had a girl of 3 years and a half old, Andreea, and look forward to the birth of the second child in early 1986. Everything seemed normal and nothing predicted the clouds that were preparing to stray on our family. The news fell like a thunder upon us.

My wife gave birth to a beautiful girl but with a terrible diagnosis: tetralogy of Fallot (TOF).

At that time, I was working as a builder on one campus at a distance of 100 miles. I received disturbing news over the phone; I left everything and went home where I found my wife in the hospital in a deplorable situation. It should be noted that all this is happening in communist Romania, where I did not own car and a 100-mile journey took me about 8 hours, by bus, by train, another bus again. I arrived at the hospital Friday night but by the laws of that time l could not get in the hospital with the exceptions of the visiting days which occur to be Thursday and Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4 pm. However, with few friends working at the hospital, I was dressed in clothes as a physician, I walked in, and I sat down with my wife and arranged an appointment with a specialist doctor, who was on duty that night. The conversation with him bring no hope: the little girl was very sick, with no chance to do well. Because of the heart failure, our daughter was born with multiple physical malformations at hands and feet. The doctor explained that we will raise a disabled child for life. Seeing my facial expression, the doctor told me to go with him to see the girl. I entered the room where she was and saw a face like an angel, a girl of great beauty but when he unveiled her I understood what the doctor said.

He asked me to have wisdom and know how to behave with my wife because she is in a critical situation, in addition to complications from birth, in addition to daughter’s illness, now appeared the harassment from others: knowing that we are Pentecostal believers in a country where over 90-95% were Eastern Orthodox, they blamed our faith and our God. I was born Pentecostal but my wife was converted only a few years ago and now all one accused her that she was punished by God because she left “the true religion” and went to the sectarians, as we were called.

After a week … (speechless, no comments) … girl which we named Mihaela ended physical suffering on this earth and went to God. Medical doctors say it is a result of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion, our town is situated only 400 miles away.


Not without trace our lives seem to normalize. Family relationships have been strengthened in this struggle time and we try to look confident forward. There’s only been about ten months and to our joy, but also with emotions, we received the news that my wife is pregnant again. Knowing what we went through less than a year, in addition to joy, our hearts especially Coca’s was full of worry and fear of the unknown. Prayers have gained another level and nine months passed like an eternity.

Finally it’s time to go to the hospital. This time I was in town, and because I cannot stay with her in the hospital like here in the USA, I returned home. The apartment where we live was only 1 mile from the hospital. At around 10 pm the phone rang and I was called to the hospital.

Within minutes I was there and the news is given: my wife gave birth to a girl (again) with the same diagnosis and the same malformations.

For the second time in less than 18 months (now being September 1987) we were get hit terribly. My wife was still shocked by the news received, according to doctors she was very close to a total collapse. Everything disappeared from our horizon. A young family sat on the verge of downfall. No explanation. Nothing to be understands. If the first case took us by surprise, now was not the same. After nine months of ceaseless prayer same result? Lord, we have left? We are so sinful that this is punishment? The questions were many and the sky looked dark for us.

Time passed already…..were three weeks after the birth of daughter named Daniela. She still was in the hospital, the doctors still could not find explanation in this case: two identical girls like copy-paste, the same physiognomy, with the same weight, same length and with the same diagnosis. Our town being small, only 25,000 inhabitants, the old chicanes, the old harassment  the old ridicule start again. More difficult as the first time, now the church began to gossip and extended family had their own interpretations. Two young, me 26, my wife 22, get hit from all sides and above everything we felt abandoned by God.

After about four weeks we decided to go together to the hospital and take the little girl home. If God want, we will grow a little girl handicapped…..we will.

In that night we both got peace, unbelievable peace and we are looking forward to do what we wanted…… was a long night, though longer than usual and towards morning the phone rang. We are called from the hospital.  They tell us that during the night the little girl died. We buried her in the same place with her sister. Mihaela and Daniela were now together, and home we try to go forward with our oldest daughter, 4 and a half years old, Andreea.

In Romania those years, abortion was forbidden by law. Who commit abortion went to jail. However bans, my wife received approval (in her situation, almost enforceable) from doctors that if she get pregnant again she is allowed to make abortion because she will never have a healthy baby. Similarities from two cases prompted doctors to conclude that my wife created a body pattern which will not be able to be change and every child that she will have will be the same. A second option would be after would have been slightly recover  to go to do surgery not to have any children, ever. It fell as a conviction for us at least for two reasons: the idea of abortion cannot be questioned and my wife wanted to have at least one more child.

We are slammed down but not defeated. God was in our hearts stronger than ever.


And faith attempt has rapidly developed. Less than five months my wife gets pregnant again. Peace of God remained over us especially as it was not long since we received a prophetic word that said my wife was fully cured and what is conceived in it will be a blessing from God and that that before know ourselves as Coca pregnant.

We trusted in Him and we even told as three young Israelite told to Nebuchadnezzar once before: even if God does not intervene, we will never accept abortion.

For all we knew the news fell like a thunderbolt. For many, our story was still topic of discussion and on the horizon they already see a new drama, including loved ones.

In Romania was the law that if a woman conceives must register at the clinic in 45 days, officially for help, counseling, treatments, but informal to control and not to give the possibility of an illegal abortion.

So, my wife is pregnant. What to do? We prayed and my wife received a thought from God to not register to doctors: as a “medical examination” they can provoke an abortion without our consent, knowing the history of her births. After seven months when the pregnancy was already visible but too late for doctors to do anything against Coca’s child, she went to the hospital at the first medical examination. Doctors have offended her, threatened to the point where she will not get to the hospital for delivery. We had to go to another town, 25 miles away when time for delivery approach.

It was November 1988. Harsh winter, cold, snow……..

But what God has spoken happened.

Despite all medical diagnoses, on November 16, 1988, by C-section, my wife gave birth to a girl of 10 lb., perfectly healthy, as a blessing as God said. In 16th, this month, Sorina will turn 24 years …… if it was after the doctors she had not place in this world, neither she nor other two children born naturally (not by C-section) after her, Beatrice in 1993 and Daniel in 1995, both of New York.

Abortion-Unsupported word of believers……..for any reason!!!!!!!!!


These are the three children born through promise and obedience when everyone condemned them to be killed…..

Really? Which one?


She finished music college with major in vocal, very good cook, involve in Central Church of God Charlotte, missionaries with mission trips in Mexico, Hungary, Dominican Republic and Taiwan….

2017 Updates…

Sorina is a succesful lady in an insurance company in Charlotte and team-worshiper and singer in a Christian Church…


She loves God, singing from the age of five years in the church girls choir , sophomore in journalism school with double major in journalism and political since, very active in mission like her sister with mission trips in South Africa and Romania….

2017 Updates…..

Betty graduated with Summa Cum Laude at Walter Cronkite Jurnalism at ASU, did internship at Phoenix City Hall, produced documentary movies on Channel 11 Local, and now continue her Study at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia, second year studying Pastoral Leadership, and being fluent in Spanish, possible to go in South America at Hillsong Buenos Aires after finish third year…..


Senior in high school, active in the church with children, worship band where he play piano, pursue credentials in theology, future pastor of the church…

2017 Updates…..

Danny dreams come true….he just Graduated from Hillsong International Leadership College, in Sydney Australia, is back in Phoenix volunteering at Hillsong Phoenix opened last year, continue studying at Dallas Baptist University and preparing to full time job in Ministries.

If my wife had an abortion we would have destroyed three workers in the Lord’s vineyard…. three people whom God uses since childhood.

If my wife had an abortion, we were criminals, murderers, because we have killed these three children with a specific path in life from God….

But God protected us, save us and He don’t let His Children to be murderers!

We are children of God and with all my whole family we serve Him!!!


*****Cornel, Coca, Daniel, Andreea with her daughter Caitlin, Sorina, Betty*****

Was it hard? Unimaginable……

It was worth it? Earnestly say yes……

We can explain? No …… but it is not important! Looking back, we know that God has not left us any moment and even when was our hardest we know that He was with us and that ultimately, victory is His….to us, He allowed only being partakers with Him.

Praise the Lord!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!

Secession petitions filed in 36 states…

Thousands of Americans have signed petitions seeking permission for their states to peacefully secede from the United States. The petitions were filed on We the People, a government website.

 This is mostly a symbolic gesture BUT how the White House will respond to …..TEXAS?

(To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days.)


Peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government‘s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it’s citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.

Created: Nov 09, 2012




(as of today, November 13, 2012 12:44 PM AZ Time)

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) signed onto a non-binding resolution claiming constitutional overreach of the federal government in 2009, some may have thought it was simply a symbolic display meant to show solidarity with a right-wing base disgruntled after the passage of President Barack Obama’s stimulus package. 

A day later, however, Perry took his rhetoric to another level, implying that Texas might secede if “Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people,” by strapping his state with unsustainable taxation, spending and debt.

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The Persecution started with the Business Owners…..

“…..once someone starts a “secular” business, he categorically loses any right to run that business in accordance with his conscience. The business owner simply leaves her First Amendment rights at home when she goes to work at the business she built……”

Statement by: Kyle Duncan, general counsel of the Becket Fundtalked with National Review today (November 12, 2012) about what the Obama administration told the court.


Read full article:

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 by David Wilkerson

Take this test to see whether you have already taken the first steps toward hardness of heart.

     1. How many times have you heard messages about the danger of neglecting daily prayer and Bible reading?

If you neglect your secret closet at home—if you think praying at church takes care of all your needs—you will never survive the troubled days ahead. If you will not heed the Word that is meant to heal and strengthen you in good times, how will you ever find power to overcome during the difficult days to come? Having a personal knowledge of your heavenly Father is the only way to prepare for what is coming!

     2. How many times have you been warned of the awful consequences of gossip?

At times, my warnings on the subject of gossip have been like soft, gentle rain and at other times, they have been like rolling thunder. Time after time, the Israelites were warned of the dangers of this sin. But they persisted in disobeying the Lord and it brought them a lifetime of misery in a snake-infested desert. Gossip and murmuring cost Israel everything.

Have you said something against a brother or a sister during the past week, something you had no business repeating? Or have you listened to any gossip about that person? If so, did you allow a seed of doubt about him or her to be planted in your soul? If you continue to gossip in light of all the warnings you have heard, you have started down the path toward hardness of heart.

     3. How many warnings have you heard against harboring a secret sin?

What about that secret sin, the one that God‘s Spirit has continually spoken to you about? Over the years I have written many warnings about the dangers of flirting with a pet sin. Yet, not only have I preached against sin, but I have taught of God’s resurrection power. I have preached that the Lord both endues us with overcoming power through His Spirit, and puts a will in our hearts to do right.

The person who dares sit under loving reproof week after week and yet goes on sinning is heading down the path toward hardness of heart. Don’t be such a person!

A Call to Anguish – Sermon by David Wilkerson

Message from September 2002 at Revivals on Time Square Church BUT TODAY IS MORE THEN EVER NECESSARILY TO LISTEN THIS SERMON!!!

david wilkerson

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Obama cleans house to stall inquiries into scandals

Just two days after President Obama’s re-election, General David Petraeus, the CIA Director, has resigned from the administration over an extramarital affair. Petraeus was slated to testify before Congress next week on the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, in Benghazi.

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